Crush Your Entire Lower Body in Under 10 Minutes

Super setting

When discussing limitations with new clients, the time factor is usually first or second on the list of reasons why they feel like they don’t get enough training in.  Everyone deals with it in one way or another.  Work, school, significant others, kids, whatever, we all have roadblocks that keep us from doing everything we want to do in the gym.  In a perfect world, a session consisting of a 10-minute warm-up, 90-minute lift, 15 minutes of intervals, 15 minutes cooling down, and maybe a 90-minute massage would be ideal.  I don’t know about you, but that just isn’t happening for me.

When time is an issue, super setting (2 exercises performed back to back with little to no rest in between) can be your best friend.  A well-planned session using super sets can allow for as much as twice the amount of work performed in the same amount of time than using straight sets with longer rest periods.  The drawback here is that you may not be able to use as heavy a weight when super setting due to the decreased rest periods.  But at the end of the day the thing that matters most is: did you get the work in? And if you only have 45 minutes to lift, you could probably benefit a great deal using this tool.

Use this Super set to maximize time and smoke all the major muscles in the lower body

Choosing appropriate exercises to superset can be tricky, especially with regards to the lower body.  With these 2 exercises, you have a hip dominant leg press variation (glute and hamstring emphasis) and a quad dominant squat variation performed back to back.  Start with the leg press and place your feet high and wide on the platform with your toes pointed slightly outward.  Perform 8 reps with a slow and controlled tempo.  Then move directly to a heel elevated goblet squat with a narrow stance and feet straight.  Once again, use a slow and controlled tempo.  On the squat, do not lock out the knees at the top, this increases emphasis on the quads.  4 rounds of 8 reps on each with the appropriate weight should have your legs nice and smoked.  Take 60-90 second breaks after the squats. 

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