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How many times in the past month have you been in the gym without an actual PLAN? How much time have you spent looking for the exercise you thought you should be doing to get you closer to your goal?  Do you even know specifically what your goal is? How much of your fitness routine would you say is guesswork?  

If you are like a lot of the fitness enthusiasts that I see day in and day out, I'm pretty sure I know the answers to these questions.  How awesome would it feel to be on the right track? To have an entire months worth of workouts ready to go based on your goals, fitness levels, time restraints, injury history, and equipment access.  No more guesswork, no more wandering around the gym for 15 minutes before you say"fu$% it, i'll just do some cardio and crunches".  A real program, written by an experienced, credentialed, lifetime personal trainer and strength coach that has written your custom program from scratch.  If this interests you, please take some time to fill out and submit the form below, I only take a limited amount of trainees at a time to ensure each client gets the most out of their investment.  Get your survey in quickly if you would like a spot.    

Once I receive your survey, I will be in contact with you via email within 48 hours to go over some more details regarding your program including some basic nutrition information, your gym access, and price.  


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