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In a world exploding with confusing and conflicting fitness info, the goal of this site is to create efficient and easy to follow content that can help you get to your next level of fitness.  Too often, those looking to improve physique, strength, and overall wellness are led astray by poor advice from low-level "professionals" or flooded with too much technical jargon that can be intimidating or even boring to ingest.  It doesn't have to be this hard!  Here, I will present facts, tips, programs, and more in a way that is (semi) entertaining and simple to implement into a daily lifestyle.  You’ll find 15 years of training experience, countless hours of research, and more blood and sweat than I care to remember distilled into useful and practical fitness advice for you to follow, all while leading a real life.  



Uncovering the Truth Behind The Shape of Earth, The Dangers of Protein, Treadmills, and Muscle Toning



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Go to the gym with a custom routine that will take the guesswork out of your training.

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 Head to Amazon now to pick up your copy of Ignition Protocol! With Ignition Protocol, you are getting a “soup to nuts” road map to attaining your strength, physique or weight loss goals. With over a decade of training real clients face to face, cutting edge research, and using my own body as a laboratory, Ignition Protocol was created to eliminate your wasted effort at the gym.

Included in Ignition Protocol:

  • Nutrition guidelines that allow the reader to choose from fat loss or muscle gain based on current goals.

  • Advice on tactics to ensure the reader is properly recovering from training.

  • 8 week training program that includes strength, cardio, and abs complete with reps, sets, rest periods, tempos, high intensity techniques, video demonstrations, exercise descriptions, and a comprehensive “how to” chapter to keep the reader headed in the direction of their goals.

  • Clickable links to peer-reviewed research articles that serve as the backbone of Ignition Protocol.



"Tim put together a custom workout and diet plan for me, one that would be focused on maximizing my fat loss, while building muscle and also minimizing injury risk so as to avoid any setbacks. Everything has been low-impact, not a second of running. In a little over four months, I've lost over 50 pounds! I've gone from XL to medium, my waist size has dropped six inches and I'm wearing slim fit suits right off the rack! What else can I say? Tim has been entirely paramount to me in this process. Without his help, I absolutely wouldn't have made it past week one. He's been my guide through all of it - tailoring every bit of this process to my personal needs." -Training Client Mike Pomerantz


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